Sinus Lift Kit



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The iTools Sinus Lift Kit comes complete with 5 instruments in an autoclave surgical tray. Each instrument is numbered and each side is labeled "A" or "B" to indicate side. 

  • The #1 Instrument can be used to fracture the lateral window as well as fracture the sinus floor (Sommer's Technique). It can also be used as a depth gauge and to compact graft material through the alvelolar or window.
  • The #2 Instrument is used for the left and right Maxillary sinus initial detachment. The inclusion of a manual Piezo-type instrument gives you the ability to detach the Schnederian membrane using side “A” for use around the windows edges and elevate the membrane with side “B”.
  • The #3 Instrument is for use in the Large Sinus with side “A” for use in the Right Maxillary sinus medial and anterior walls. Side “B” is intended to be used in the Right Maxillary Sinus for the posterior sinus floor and anterior walls and the Left Maxillary Sinus medial and anterior walls.
  • The #4 Instrument Side “A” is used in the Small Sinus lateral wall, posterior and inferior as well as the anterior wall while Side “B” is used in the Left Maxillary Sinus.
  • The #5 Instrument Side “A” is used in the Maxillary Sinus, both left and right, to carry graft material into the sinus. Side “B” is the graft packer.
  • Unique Features including the inclusion of a Piezo Hand Instrument, Instruments for short and large sinus, and a Summers technique instrument isn’t available anywhere else in one easy-to-use complete kit.