Bibo OraLight

Multi-purpose Oral Light System, 110V

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Bibo OraLight

An intra oral light system which simultaneously:

  • relaxes patient's jaws as a mouth prop
  • retracts tongue away from working area
  • illuminates the working area in the oral cavity

The system is extremely simple to use with rechargeable power for the light and inexpensive bite blocks which are available in either disposable or autoclavable versions. Working time after each full recharge is approximately 1 hour.

The Light Unit:

  • 1 hour discharge time
  • 2 hour charge time
  • Sealed for distnfection, induction charging and touchsense button
  • Light source is 1 Philips Lumileds LED
  • Charging is done by hanging the light unit on the charger

The Charger:

  • 110V, US blades
  • US blades
  • Wall mount, no cord

Each pack comes with:

  • 1 wall mount induction charger
  • 1 Bibo lighting unit
  • 2 autoclavable / 20 disposable silicone Mouth Props